Monday, March 15, 2010

Hair, Makeup and Accessories that Enhance Your Executive Image

St. Patrick’s Day takes place just a few days before the first day of spring. One might say it has become the first green of spring; and a great time to think green when it comes to spring closet cleaning! So let’s think recycle!

As much as you realize the importance of investing in an executive wardrobe to enhance your image, recognize that the garments you select are only one part of your overall executive image equation. Your makeup, jewelry and other accessories are also influencing factors that deserve your attention so that you always look your best. Using them effectively will allow you to “recycle” wardrobe items.These important accents can complement or compete with your carefully selected, executive outfit.
Follow these ideas to ensure that what you decide to do with your accessories and jewelry is working for you at work every day.

Do Not Skip the Jewelry

Jewelry is important, as it finishes the look. Always wear earrings to frame your face. Also add at least a necklace or a bracelet, and always consider a watch. Without jewelry you look underdressed in the workplace – and underpaid. Invest in some good classic jewelry that will last a long time, and then each year add one or two more current pieces.

Any Old Necklace Will Not Do
Just because it is real gold does not mean it is working for you. It is important to wear jewelry in your colors, and proportion to your body size. Too many women wear very dainty necklaces in the workplace, and this does not enhance their authority. Pick jewelry that is a good size for you, and specifically complements the outfit you have on.

Keep Your Bags and Shoes Neutral
Choose suede or leather in neutral colors for your bags and shoes. Patent leather is a great way to add flair while still being neutral. Also, choose classic styles rather then the latest trends. Classic shoes and bags are good investments and will look great for seasons to come.

Do A Test Run
Take the time to do a “test run” on any new accessory or garment you add to your business wardrobe. Wear it first to run errands or to meet a friend for lunch before you wear it to work so you will not be surprised by an earring that keeps falling off or a necklace that keeps catching your hair. You want to be aware of any challenges and resolve them away from the office.

Do A Double Take
Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you leave each morning. Are your clothes clean and pressed? Are your shoes clean and polished? Are your accessories simple and classic? If you do not look well put together, you are not conveying the professionalism that your colleagues expect of you.

Watch the Noise
While all shoes make noise, notice if yours are unusually loud. This can distract those around you and will be sure to make you uncomfortable. Also the same goes for jewelry. Save the bells and chimes for the holiday parties and keep them out of the office. Another important tip here is to remember to take off all but one bracelet if you are doing a presentation. You do not want your noisy bracelets to distract from your powerful message.

Choose a Purse or a Briefcase – Not Both
A big accessory mistake is to carry both a briefcase and a purse –this can get cumbersome. Instead opt for a stylish briefcase. Today many designers make feminine yet sophisticated cases that can serve as your purse and hold your papers, or even your laptop. You can always stick a small evening bag in the briefcase if you need to go from day to evening. Just leave the case in the office when you go out to that dinner or cocktail hour.

Accessories are a vital part of an effective executive wardrobe. Whatever your professional role follow these ideas to ensure you always feel confident, and look fantastic.
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