Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dressing For Your Promotion in 2009

Your big interview starts long before it is scheduled. From the first day on the job, you should be positioning yourself for a promotion. The following guidelines will help ensure you are conveying the right image messages.

Position Yourself to be the Best Fit for a Promotion
You know you are the ideal match, but how does your boss feel? Make sure when you are going for a higher level position that you have considered all factors that your boss will take into account before offering you that big promotion.

It's Never Too Late to Make a Great Impression
You're going for a promotion, so dress the part. Take dress cues from your boss as well as other employees that are one level above you. When you arrive for your interview, be confident and enthusiastic that you are the best fit for the position.

Do Whatever it Takes
Keep track of your attendance - take time off only when truly needed. Pitch in where needed - if you are caught up on your projects, offer to help out and put in a few hours to assist others with their work. Attend workshops, seminars, and classes offered by your company. These are often free and your employer is likely to take notice of your work ethic and desire to learn. Keep track of your job performance - include the number of hours you worked overtime (whether paid or unpaid), new skills you have acquired, continuing education credits, etc. All of the above will help position you as the best candidate for the promotion.

Ace Your Big Interview
You have prepared for your interview. Make sure you deliver the right message as you sit across the desk from your interviewer. The following how-to guide will help you dress for success and land that much deserved promotion.

Embrace the Neutral
You want to appear confident and competent during your interview. Women, think olive green, taupe, navy, chocolate brown or black for your suit. Use color sparingly - that pop of color is great on a day-to-day basis, but for a promotion interview use that tool in moderation. Consider wearing a basic beige, blue, green or sand-colored blouse. Men, opt for a navy or other dark colored suit with a white or neutral dress shirt (Tie if appropriate).

Trendy is as Trendy Does
Unless you work in the fashion industry, leave the trends behind for your big interview. Don't wear anything that might distract from what you are saying.

Don't Go Gaudy on Accessories
Accessories can make or break an outfit. Woman should keep accessories simple. If you like to wear pearls, this would be a good day to wear them. Small pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace are stunning. Of course, forget those anklets and wear one ring per hand to keep your look simple and stylish. For men, a simple watch is great, but don't overdo it - no gaudy or big-faced watches.

Hygiene is Important
Don't overdo your fragrance, or better yet, skip it. Consider getting a manicure - clean, neat nails are attractive and will leave a good impression. Getting a haircut before the big interview may give you the visual and emotional lift you want during your interview. Pop a breath mint a few minutes before you walk in the door. As you pass through the threshold remember you have what it takes, and always remember to smile.

Maximize Your Chances for Success

You have the tools necessary to get your promotion. Prepare, dress appropriately and set yourself apart from the competition by making a great impression and letting the interviewer know - You are the best choice for the position!

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